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New Curriculum Subjects
Basic Education (Primary 1-3)
Minimum of 6 subjects; Maximum of 7 subjects
  Subjects Explanatory Notes  
English Studies
  1. Official National Language
  2. Medium of Instruction in schools
  3. The subject predisposes itself for the infusion of the following Road Safety Education, Disaster Risk Reduction Education, Consumer Education.
  4. Subject include Literature - in - English
  1. Fundamental discipline for science and technological development
  2. Important for everyday life
Nigerian Languages
  1. National Policy on Education (NPE) stipulates that the medium of instruction should be the language of the immediate environment of the child.
  2. Schools are free to select such Nigerian Language to be taught.
Basic Science and Technology (BST)
  1. Each of the listed components will serve as themes for the Basic Science and Technology curriculum
  2. Climate change is part of Basic Science theme
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction Education and Consumer Education are infused into Basic Science and Technology Curriculum
  4. Create enabling environment for the subject in all schools by making computers available in schools
Religion and National Values (RNV)
  1. Listed components will serve as themes in the Religion and National Values Curriculum
  2. Contents are planned for all children to take Social Studies, Civic Education and Security Education themes
  3. Separate classes should be run for CRS theme and IS theme
  4. Consumer Education, Disaster Risk Reduction Education and Peace and Conflict Resolution curricula are infused into the Civic Education, Social Studies and Security Education Themes.
  5. Create enabling environment for the subject in all schools
Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA)
  1. Important for preservation of our cultural Heritage and fostering Creativity.
Arabic Language
  1. Optional